We Love Paleo – Movie Review

There are pros and cons to how the filmmakers present their Paleo information, as there are with any documentary film. This is especially true when it comes to documentaries about food. I’m sure you’ve watched or at least heard of a dozen or more documentaries promoting veganism or a “plant-based diet” (plant-based is often code for vegan, FYI), yet there seem to be none specifically about the Paleo diet. The closest you’ll find is Food Inc., which is a general discussion of our food-systems as a whole (definitely worth watching!).

So, as I stumbled onto We Love Paleo, I was pleasantly surprised to finally see a movie focussing specifically on Paleo. The film is largely a “puff-piece” that keeps the hard science and data to a minimum, and focussing more on the benefits of Paleo. There are a couple of doctors blended in with other Paleo experts as well as the “average” person’s experience with Paleo. The film talks mostly about the overall benefit of Paleo without focussing on weight-loss alone (which I appreciated).

To the filmmakers’ credit, I understand why they presented the film this way: this the first(?) presentation of Paleo to a more widespread audience. In other words, it seemed the filmmakers wanted to present mostly surface-level benefits and education about Paleo as opposed to more in-depth analysis (like hard scientific data, health education, and historical research).

I can respect that. If the filmmakers were to dive right into “Paleo vs. Veganism,” or Denise Minger’s Death by Food Pyramid, or Robb Wolf’s research, we’d need 10 films just to lay the groundwork. So, the fact that the filmmakers chose a surface-level approach, is far better than nothing.

And to be clear, I did enjoy the movie quite a bit. For the person completely unfamiliar with the Paleo lifestyle, this is a great place to start.

I hope to see more in-depth films specifically focussed on Paleo that are aimed at a larger audience. We are greatly in need of a broader, easier to digest (pun intended) knowledge-base for the broader public.

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