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Cauliflower Bowl

I’m tired of calling cauliflower rice “rice” with quotes around every single time I write it. Let’s make a deal and start calling it “caulirice” from now on for simplicity. We all know it’s not “real” rice, but the result has a desired similar effect. Deal? Ok then. Another issue

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Mashed cauliflower

This makes a great side dish for almost any protein. I’ve had it with pork chops, steak, and chicken. It always tastes great. The good thing is, you can make a big batch ahead of time and just reheat what you need for the night. It refrigerates extremely well and

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Chicken leg with cauliflower on plate

This is an easy, almost foolproof chicken recipe that always looks and tastes great. It’s one of my go-to staples when I don’t have a lot of time or I’m not feeling super creative. It uses basic ingredients that most people have around. Works with drumsticks or thighs as well.

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