That Sugar Film – Movie Review

Aussie Damon Gameau goes from eating a healthy, no-sugar diet, to a 60-day sugar binge experiment.

The average Aussie consumes 40 tsp. of sugar per day (yes, 40), so that was Damon’s goal. He could only eat “hidden” sugars found in foods that most people would find harmless or even healthy in some cases. In other words, he couldn’t simply eat a tub of ice cream or a pound of cake to get his daily sugar allotment; he had to do it the way most of the population does.

He also had to maintain his same level of exercise to keep the experiment as level as possible. Along the way, Damon checked in with various health experts to test his blood and monitor his health.

I think we all know how this went: not good.

While I’m sure you’re already on the no-sugar bandwagon, this is still a great film with interesting facts about sugar. One of which is the absolutely jaw-dropping amounts of sugar hidden in the average Western diet. Truly shocking.

Even though I cut a lot of sugar out of my diet more than a decade ago (before I ever heard of Paleo), I still have sugar lapses every once in a while. It’s during those lapses that I really feel how bazaar my brain and body begin to feel.

Damon Gameau experiences this disastrous daily roller coaster ride of highs, lows, and brain fog that the majority of people are experiencing every day.

He brings up the point that people living on this roller coaster are so used to it — that it feels “normal” to them.

Even though I always regret my sugar lapses, my return to sanity always reminds me how good a healthy diet free of excessive, refined sugar can truly feel.


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