Hunter Gatherer Diets: A Useful Lens for Examining Diet Mythology

At first glance, you may only see a silly guy running around the woods playing “native,” but Arthur Haines is actually doing something very interesting and useful for the Paleo community.

In this great presentation, it’s clear Haines is well educated on the topic of hunter-gatherer diets and lifestyles. At Paleo f(x) 2017, Haines points out dietary information that dispels some common myths and enlightens us on the need to take a closer look at our own diets.

Watch this fascinating look at fact vs fiction when it comes to hunter-gatherer diets. You might just be surprised.

Arthur Haines is a forager, ancestral skills mentor, author, public speaker, and botanical researcher.  He grew up in the western mountains of Maine, a rural area that was home to swift streams known for their trout fishing. He spent most of his childhood in the Sandy River Valley hiking, tracking, and foraging.  Arthur now runs the Delta Institute of Natural History in Canton, Maine, where he teaches human ecology, focusing on the values of foraging, wildcrafting medicine, and primitive living skills.  He continues to spend a great deal of his free time practicing his skills as a modern hunter-gatherer.  As a research botanist for the New England Wildflower Society, he recently completed a comprehensive flora of the New England region entitled “Flora Novae Angliae” and has authored over twenty publications in peer-reviewed journals and books, including naming species of plants new to science.  His series of YouTube videos has inspired thousands of people interested in foraging wild edible and medicinal plants.

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