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eating out

Eating out Paleo-style isn’t as hard as it seems. Yes, you’re going to have to make some careful choices and do a little planning, but it’s honestly not as challenging as you think. In the end, you’ll still be able to enjoy eating out while keeping to your healthy principals.

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Roasted Chicken

When I first started eating Paleo, my budget wasn’t much of a concern. I had a really good job at the time and no serious financial concerns. I would drive down to my local, whole animal butchery, order any cut of meat I wanted, a few sausages, duck, and even

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My Completely Unscientific Method on How to Break Bad Food Habits Based on Personal Experience, Anecdotal Evidence, and Other Stuff I Believe Is Probably True (skip ahead to read the 10 ways you can break the sugar and carb habit) You’re not alone when it comes to the unrelenting primal

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Chris Kresser

There are plenty of people out there ready and willing to bash vegans and vegetarians. Ex-vegan Chris Kresser is not one of them. This clip from The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast hits a few of the common questions surrounding what some vegans might be missing from their diet. He states right

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