Mostly, I started this blog as a place to keep track of my recipes. I also wanted to document my journey into Paleo, as well as collect my thoughts on food and what it means to me.

I always thought I ate pretty well, but as I got older, my body wasn’t keeping up the pace to where I wanted it. I can’t say I tried every diet out there because I haven’t. Most of them I looked in to, realized they weren’t for me, then moved on. I at least tried to limit fried foods, sugar, fat, and get a little exercise. After all, that’s what “they” keep telling us, right? But things weren’t right. I just didn’t feel healthy, when I know I could and should.

I could’ve chalked it up to age (I’m in my 40’s), but I wasn’t satisfied with that. I was working out, sometimes eating less (calorie reduction), sometimes more (muscle building), sometimes splurging, sometimes… well, I wasn’t sure which way to go.

The “recommended” daily diet of mass amounts of grains, the dreaded fear of fat, and the mixed messages of meat was very confusing. Every story I read or heard about, people seemed to be working out like mad, counting calories, eating “this one weird thing”… is this how we were meant to live??

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled on to Paleo, but I remember coming across a diet that was very similar. Then, as soon as I started reading more and more, Paleo kept popping up. As I read more and more about Paleo, the more it all started to make sense.

While it’s not a magic cure for everything, it’s the only eating lifestyle (that I’ve found) that has the greatest range of flexibility with the biggest potential for health benefits. Yes, you need to avoid some of your old favorites like milkshakes and pizza, but the result is a return to what your body has always wanted: fresh, whole food, with no refined or manufactured junk mixed in.

Seems obvious now, but we (especially we in America) have let ourselves wander astray down the grocery aisles of “food” that comes off a factory line. We even believed cookies called “fat-free” could actually be good for us. GOOD for us. Think about that for a minute.

Regardless, there is much to (re-)learn, much to enjoy, and much to discover on the journey to better food and better health.

Eat Clean.

Josh Christofferson

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